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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Products we Love

Of Course our favorite is Max Daniel Baby
Plush is definitely an understatement! Max Daniel Blankets are the snugglist around. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's daughter, Violet, has been spotted with 5 different Max Daniel Blankets! They come in two sizes -- a larger size perfect for the crib or stroller on chilly days and a smaller size for baby to keep with her all of the time.

Myself Belts
What a great invention! These belts are so easy to do, even young kids will have no trouble fastening and unfastening their own belts. Not only do Myself Belts make potty time much easier on Mom and Dad, they encourage a sense of accomplishment and independence in growing kids.

Tea Collection
Tea Collection's mission is to offer children quality clothing that "reflects and celebrates the beauty found in cultures around the world". Many of their designs are influenced by the clean lines of traditional Asian clothing. They always use quality fabrics, and their attention to detail is apparent in everything they do.

Also check out our children's jewelry that we have just added.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Children's Jewelry

Take a look at the new jewelry that is being added to our store. It is very well made and comes in many colors and styles. We currently have bracelets for little girls, but will be adding jewelry for moms, grandparents and dads. We will be posting more as we add items. These would make great stocking stuffers for the family. The picture is the spinner bracelet for little girls.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tiny Tot Boutique Newsletter

We are working on our first newsletter that will be going out to our current customer list. If you are interested in receiving our newsletters you may e-mail us at and we will be glad to add your e-mail address to our list.

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Max Daniel Baby

Max Daniel Baby has some Great new products that we should be receiving soon. I do have some of the new products on our website as pre-orders, they should be arriving some time next week. One of the new lines is a burp cloth that matches the blankets and security blankets. These blankets are so soft and cuddly that your babies are sure to love them. They are featured on Celebrity Baby Blog often as the blanket of choice by many children of celebrities. They come in two sizes -- a larger size perfect for the crib or stroller on chilly days, and a smaller size for baby to keep with her all the time! These are the blankets that kid's get attached to and keep for ever. I know my daughter has three children of her own now and she still has her blanket from when she was a baby. Of course it is put away, but she has fond memories of it, and that is what your child will do with thes Max Daniel Baby Blankets. They are WONDERFUL!!!

Okay, so I have tried to put pictures in the post more then three times and it kicks me off the internet completely, so if you would like to view or purchase the Max Daniel Baby products please visit our website at .

Monday, October 15, 2007

ICKY Fall Line has started arriving

Be sure and check out the new Fall collection of Icky Baby. The baby girl Icky Silhouettes Dress w/diaper cover is really sweet for the little baby girl. And the boys argyle clothes for the little boy is really nice too. If you have a toddler and a baby, there are some of the Icky fall line that matches for boys and girls. And if you are into camping the little boys camping line will sure to make your little one a "Happy Camper"

HubCap Has Arrived

Please take a look at the new HubCap line of clothing for boys. It is even nicer then we thought when we ordereded it. It is rich, warm and stylish. We love it!! The little brother outfit is absolutely adorable. I was hoping that it would fit our twins, but they are two big, they have really been growing. The t-shirts in the HubCap are neat, it's all about cars this season. And the chenille for the baby's is so-o-o cuddly soft.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jewelry from Julian & Co.

JULIAN & Co. was created by a fashion forward mom who couldn't find a baby bracelet small enough to fit her premature son Julian. Using sterling silver and 18K gold, all of our pieces are handcrafted and personalized one piece at a time. View a hip and unique collection for the whole family.
We found this website and wanted to share it with all of our customers, we personally don't carry the line, as it is easier to recommend that you go straight to there site and look around at the wonderful pieces that they have available. They have items for moms, dads, children and even your lovable furry friends. We like to support companies that have quality products to offer to you with value and deep meaning to those who own these products. I hope that you find Julian and Co. products as wonderful as we do.
Enjoy shopping!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We are overwhelmed right now, we have gotten so much new product and more is on the way. It is going to take some time to get the pictures taken and the product listed, but be sure and check back often to to see what is new. We have new product from Icky Baby and HubCap (Hubcap is a boys only line that is absolutely awesome). We were just notified that Posh Baby and Tea Collection clothing is on it's way.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

*NEW ADDITIONS* to Max Daniel Baby

Max Daniel Baby has introduced several new colors to its posh & luxurious Rosebuds & Satin line - Solid Blue, Solid Pink and Ivory - as well as a HOT new Cheetah & Chocolate Set. Plus theRoyal set includes a Throw & Security Blanket (trimmed in the exquisite satin ruffle Max Daniel is so famous for) and absorbent cotton Burp Cloth - all made in the USA and machine washable.

This is a great line of baby blankets by a great company.

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